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These guidelines are about general etiquette to be sure you have a good experience on TheZone.Zone and Mastodon.

If You Don't Know, Tag It

If you think something may upset other users, err on the side of caution and tag it. Unlike other tagging systems, this may not exclude you from an audience. Here is an example of a toot with a content warning. You may explain in the content warning why this may be upsetting for certain users. Those this will not affect can choose to view your toot anyway.

TheZoneZone is Not Fandom Exclusive

This instance is NOT exclusive to The Adventure Zone fandom. While we enjoy and appreciate the McElroy's shows and book(s), the main purpose of this instance is community.

We are an LGBT+ and friendly instance. Be kind to your fellow user from toots about Taako to Aubrey to -- *spins wheel* oh I guess we're doing Undertale now -- Undertale.

All Nipples Must Be Under a Content Warning of PNSFW

The PNSFW (potentially not safe for work) content warning is to prevent people from being fired from their jobs.

While we at TheZoneZone regard all nipples as just nipples, we understand some cultures may see certain types of nipples as pornography which the viewing of in certain environments may result in real-world social, familial or financial consequences.

So to prevent any issues from arising, nipples of all types must come with a PNSFW content warning if they do not otherwise fall under NSFW.