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How would you all feel about removing Mastodon.Social from our federated timeline?

Many small servers do this to encourage more tiny instances as it can “block” the conversation of smaller instances through toot floods (burying local or niche timelines).

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The guidelines have recently been updated with etiquette.

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The Adventure Zone | Sick Electric Keyboard Drops

This Mastodon is for friends of The Adventure Zone, a podcast by the McElroy family.

This is an unofficial fandom server not operated by the McElroy family or anyone associated with them. Artwork shown in the thumbnail is copyright First Second Books from Here There Be Gerblins.

Information and Guidelines

We have a few unique rules to our instance. Please be sure to read over our rules and our extended about prior to joining. The @staff mastodon for TheZoneZone will toot any updates to these living documents.