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Cat Update: She’s laying on a pair of scissors and her face says “i will cut you”

I considered posting for 5 seconds the start of my spicy bondage wingfic but then remembered everyone in this instance follows me and went HM NEVERMIND.

Guess I need a Spicy Mastodon

Gods why isn’t there more wingfic in the taakitz tag

I posted this to my private Twitter but it’s still funny. What if Kravitz’s raven form was thick-billed raven.

Krav: *flies down as a raven*

Taako: K-Krav?!


For those of you keeping an eye on the Tumblr situation, here’s a Vox article about all the information Verizon was suppressing about the changes.

Watching the ice crystals melt on the top of my frozen dessert lid was strangely compelling.

Getting it setup, but @community is the place to look for content! It will be almost exclusively boosts of fan generated community stuff.

Slowly going to start sharing some of my fave taz pieces I've done. Here's the first half of my seven birds tarot

For anyone seeking more TAZ content or wanting to post more TAZ content, look into my lil server here TheZone.Zone

Here's a (short) guide on how to move instances if you want to be involved here:

I mayyyyy need to make a dedicated "TAZ Content" mastodon account for all the community posts ;p

i feel like i should post this but eyyyy its my icon taako repping some nb pride cause fuck if that isn't me
#mastoart #thezonecast #taz #taako

oh yeah, also I cosplay Barry and go to kind of an unreasonable number of live shows. here I am being equally amused and horrified by a charming Truck Shepard

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... also if you're in the taz fic writers discord and feel like hooking a fishie up with an invite, I'd be much obliged. I hear it's very populous but I can't figure out how since there doesn't seem to be any public process for joining it. :P

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