Sorta NSFW Taakitz 





I’m doing my Usual “apply at games companies that probably won’t hire me” like “I hope my partner has a 1% interest in living in Santa Monica or Alabama.”

Good morning everyone!

Today, I’m having green tea with floral honey and milk. How’s your morning coming together?

@evitcani BUT I was the first to sit so I am in the corner facing no one.

Holiday party tootin: We were the last here. 👌 Five minutes before sit down for food.

*drags hands down face* holiday party tonight which means throwing on biz cas.

Guess what time it is?!

Puzzles and Dragons. Eternally.

Wizards of the Coast intended for their flagship TTRPG, Dungeons & Dragons TM, to have elves who purr.

But the public wasn’t ready yet.

It’s 2018, we aren’t cowards anymore, elves purr fite me

The description has been updated to link to our rules and extended about.

The extended about has been updated to explain our nipple policy.

Happy tootin’!

yoooo favorite this post if you are into these things so i can follow yall/cause i post about them
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Cat Update: She’s laying on a pair of scissors and her face says “i will cut you”

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